Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

All businesses have or should have a database or current and past customers and prospects.  Why not use that to your advantage and contact them on a monthly basis with some value add?  You know what they say, out of sight out of mind.  Stay in there minds while also providing value.  We come up with ideas that will keep you in front of clients or potential clients on a routine basis.  Our email marketing along with text marketing systems drive more customers to you with open arms to buy.

Steps for your Email Marketing Campaign

  • Hopefully you have been collecting clients or prospects email addresses or cell numbers.  If not, we have you start gathering them
  • You determine if there is a promotion you want to tell them about or just a general email celebrating a holiday, something going on with your business, or a value add item or article
  • Send that email out and use software to see who opened the email, if they clicked a link in the email, and how long they stayed on that link.
  • Use that data to determine your next steps (email those again that didn’t open it, send an upsale to those that did but didn’t buy, etc)
  • We help you in all of the above steps