Website Design

What is involved in a Website Design or Redesign?

Everyone likes a nice looking website, and your website is essentially an online brochure for your business.  We like to think of it as your online real estate.  Think of it like this, if you have a nice looking building (your website), that is kept nice and clean (your website design), and is in a great, desirable location (your organic ranking)…it will be worth a lot more to your business than a poorly designed website on page 10 of Google.

If we are building you a website we will go through the steps to make it look nice, is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, has lots of relevant content, uploads quickly, and is mobile friendly.

Our Steps for Website Design

  • Sit down with you to determine what you want the website to look like
  • Determine how many pages and the content you want included in the site
  • Start the website design process (we continually show you our progress and make changes as you see fit)
  • Show the finished draft and make changes
  • Your website is completed and made live after your final approval
  • Add relevant content and make updates ongoing

If you already have a website we will go through an audit to determine that it runs smoothly, is fast, is mobile friendly, and the search engines love it.  If there are any areas that need fixing we go through that process.

Our Steps for Web Redesign:

  • Run an SEO and Speed Audit (ask us for our checklist to see all we do) and fix those problem areas
  • Sit down with you to go over areas that need to be fixed
  • Fix the On-Page of your website and individual web pages
  • Add relevant content to get the search engines to see your website adds value
  • Start getting you ranked higher and higher on the search engines