Olathe SEO & Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO – We take SEO very seriously. That is the lifeblood of our business. We understand that our sole reason for running our business is to increase your ROI.
  • Google My Business – Using SEO strategies, optimization, and other things such as Citations, we get your business highly ranked in Google Maps. Our ultimate goal is to get you in the top 3 where most customers look for service providers.
  • Web Design – we understand that having a nice website is very important to many local businesses. It is your web real estate. We use WordPress sites and themes to design or redesign a site you will be proud of. We get you final authorization and approval before the site goes live.
  • Internet Ads – We understand the quickest way to get new customers is through ads, specifically through Facebook. We can run an ad campaign, from the beginning to the end. That means we will work with you to design, hook the audience, offer value, and ultimately get that person as a client.
  • Lead Generation – There are many ways to generate new leads without paying a dime. Whether that be through using your current database to dig up new business or services, or using a text service to offer a limited time coupon, we can help design a campaign that fits your business.
  • Email Marketing – Whether you are using email to stay in front of clients or potential clients or not, email marketing done our way creates a buzz around your service. We use technology so you can see who is opening your email, if they clicked on the links, and how long they did so.